Monday, 2 April 2012

Does Aspirin Really Work?

Wednesday evening, last week of November, 2009, I went into Shelburne`s emergency because Nova Scotia's medical system sucks and you can't get a Doctor... having said that, NSAID's - ASPIRIN - can cause damage, but at what dose is as yet undetermined in any comprehensive study. I have been in, and continue to be in contact with some of the best Doctors in the field of Chronic Pain, and they were taken back a little when I told them at first that I take 1000 mG of Aspirin at least three times a day, and can be as much as 5 times on a bad day.

Now, the visit to emergency that I`ve mentioned changed my life. The Doctor, Dr Margaret B., I saw that evening explained to me that I have pain from inflammation - not, nor ever was it structural as every Doctor I had seen before her thought. Every possible test I could be assigned I took, and every pain killer I've ever taken as well. Nothing stopped the 24 hour non-stop pain. When I lay down, it helped. I wish I had run into her in 2001, when everything started to, not as much or often, but had started to hurt. I cannot even imagine where or what my life would be... this is depressing to say the least.
She told me to "...stop all your pain meds, the drugs you`re taking, and you might wanna think about cutting down self-medicating with all that Vodka. I`d like you to start using Aspirin."
I started Aspirin that night, and by the next morning I could walk right away when I got out of bed.
I haven't looked back. It took me six to ten months to find the dose, but it works.
I have no physical or mental side effects from such a high dose. I'm back in the Gym and very mobile... not quite the footy player I used to be, but that`s what the memories are for...

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