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Enframing? – Gestell

What does Heidegger mean by Enframing? – Gestell
Was bedeutet Heidegger, indem er Gestell(Enframing)?[1]

Gestell is used by Heidegger as a description of enframing. The challenge that I see is what does Heidegger mean by “enframing”? Enframing – Gestell, is the essence of modern technology – die Wesentliches der Technologie. With respect to Heidegger’s mindset, Gestell is the way in which truth reveals itself as the ‘standing-reserve’ – die stehender Pufferspeicher. It’s influence or predominance is simply unavoidable. Our relationship has already been acknowledged, therefore, it is irrelevant as to our responding to it or not; it is quite polar in that it is a matter of how we will respond. Our responses to the challenges enframing radiates is one that is neither completely predetermined nor free.
Heidegger verifies an authentic notion of freedom as being able to open the Wesentliches of technology. Thus, a genuine and free relationship to technology will be one that is open to the essence of technology. This concept, as applied by Heidegger, exposits of the essence of technology. The conclusion regarding the Wesentliches der Technologie was that technology is fundamentally enframing – Gestell. As such, the essence of technology is Gestell. In the question concerning technology, Heidegger believes that all Thingness of all ‘Things’ is threatened.
To summarize Heidegger’s major in points The Question Concerning Technology;
  • “We tend to think of technology as an instrument, a means of getting things done. This definition, however, misses the actual essence of technology, and tends to make us think that by making the technology better – better able to "get things done"--we will master technology and solve the problems that accompany it.(Heidegger)
  • This instrumental way of thinkings stems from our assumptions about causality. If we come to understand modes of causality as ways of being responsible for the arrival of things into existence, we can begin to understand that the essence of technology has to do with the way we are oriented to the coming-into-existence, or the "revealing" of the world.” (Heidegger)

So, how much does Gestell; enframing, reduce all entities – including we humans? Is it to the level of resources on hand? to be ordered? to be used to optimized efficiency – Leistungsfähigkeit?
What is in being? What is in enframing?
Was ist beim Sein? was ist beim Enframing?

[1] Heidegger, Martin, Trans. William Lovitt. The Question Concerning Technology and Other Essays. New York: Harper & Row, 1977.
(Heidegger )


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